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Are you interested in learning about video production and what it can do for you? Explore our articles on video content creation for some tips and advice. From using video for marketing, where to share your videos, what to include in your videos and more!

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5 Reasons to use Video Content on Your Website

by Hannah | 30 May 2022 | Uncategorised
Written by Sasha Mitchell, website designer and SEO specialist...
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Interview Technique

by Hannah Pereira | 4 November 2018 | Client Resources
You want to get the best from your interviewee,...
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Talking Head Videos – Pros and Cons

by Hannah Pereira | 4 November 2018 | Client Resources
There are dozens of different ways to present your...
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Choosing Music for your Video

by Hannah Pereira | 27 October 2018 | Client Resources
I often find that when I add the music...
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What to Wear in your Video

by Hannah Pereira | 27 September 2018 | Client Resources
Dress appropriately for your video. The clothes you wear...
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What’s Involved in Video Editing?

by Hannah Pereira | 23 September 2018 | Client Resources
Ever wondered what video editors do for hours in...
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by Hannah Pereira | 5 August 2018 | Client Resources
Copyright Boring as it sounds, you need to know...
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Choosing Your Shoot Location

by Hannah Pereira | 1 July 2018 | Client Resources
Where to Shoot your Video The shoot location says...
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Planning your Video

by Hannah Pereira | 3 June 2018 | Client Resources
Before you make a video When we meet with...
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Using videos on social media

by Hannah Pereira | 1 April 2018 | Client Resources
Click on the video below for tips on how...
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Where to put your video on your website

by Hannah Pereira | 4 March 2018 | Client Resources
You’ve invested lots in your company video so now...
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My Story

by Hannah Pereira | 19 February 2018 | Client Resources
I’ve always been a story teller. People fascinate me....
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Presenting Yourself on Camera

by Hannah Pereira | 11 December 2017 | Client Resources
One thing that puts a lot of people off...
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What to say in your video

by Hannah Pereira | 11 December 2017 | Client Resources
What to Say in Your Video Hi, are you...
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5 Ways To Use Video

by Hannah Pereira | 6 December 2017 | Client Resources
So you’re going to make a video. But what...
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How to Make a Video with your Smart Phone

by Hannah Pereira | 11 November 2017 | Client Resources
So you’re going to make a video to post...
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