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What to Wear in your Video

Dress appropriately for your video. The clothes you wear give messages to your viewers as well as what you’re saying. How do you want to come across? Corporate or casual? Clinical or creative? Friendly? Remember who your target audience is. Imagine you’re speaking directly to a new client.

Avoid patterns as they will distract from your face. Small patterns and stripes can create a buzzy effect on video so keep it simple. Avoid wearing solid black and plain white. Black will make you melt into the backgroun’ white will dazzle the viewers. Pastels, pale blues, lilac and warm colours work well. Shiny fabrics like silk or satin reflect the light and shimmer as you move which can also be distracting.

Be practical. Check if the shoot is outside and if you’re walking through the shot stilettos aren’t ideal.

Wear clothes you can clip a mic to. Ideally you need a collar. So if you wear a dress, add a cardi or jacket. Otherwise the mic wire will have to be threaded through your dress. Awkward!

Wear clothes that wont date. Don’t give your video a short shelf life. You will want to get as much use out of it as possible. Similarly, try not to dress seasonally so it can be viewed at different times of year and not look odd. 

Finally be comfortable. If you feel comfortable you will be more relaxed and this will show as you talk and you will do a great job.

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