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Choosing Your Shoot Location

Where to Shoot your Video

The shoot location says just as much, if not more, than what is said on your video. So it’s important to get it right. When choosing a shoot location here are some things to consider.


Do you need a corporate background or a more informal location? Urban or rural? If you’re a business coach you’d probably want to be in an office, for example. If you’re in the medical profession you’d want somewhere clinical. If you work with children, choose somewhere colourful. Go for somewhere that adds to your message and says something about what you offer.


Many locations like hotels or office premises charge a fee and it can be really expensive. See if you can find somewhere that will let you film for free. You could always offer to film their sign and caption them so they get coverage too. If you can afford a location fee though, then you will probably be well looked after and be given the time and space you need to get exactly the right shots.

Get permission

Don’t assume it’s OK to film anywhere. Always check with the manager of the premises well in advance. If you’re filming on the street strictly speaking you should have a permit. Your production company will sort this out of course but it will cost money.


If you’re filming an interview a busy cafe may look great but the sound will be a nightmare to record. In TV dramas if there is dialogue to capture in a crowd scene, the extras mime their action and the background noises are added later.


Natural light is always great to shoot in because it gives best shots so choosing somewhere well lit will help your videographer enormously (and will show your in the best light if you see what I mean!) Of course a good videographer will be able to light the scene beautifully with filming lights but this will require quite a bit of gear and will need planning carefully.

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Happy planning!

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