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What to say in your video

What to Say in Your Video

Hi, are you are planning to make video but are not sure what to say? Don’t panic. Here some pointers to help get you going.

1. First of all, what is the purpose of your video? Is it to raise awareness of your business -is this the first introduction to your business to people who don’t know anything about it yet? Or is if for people who are aware of your services already and are considering buying from you? Are you aiming to build trust and confidence in you and your services?

Once you are clear on who your video is for, you will have a better idea of how to address them. Keep your target audience in mind as you plan so that you keep the language and the message appropriate.

2. What is your key message or theme? Keep it simple – one message is probably enough. Be clear on what it is you want to communicate. Is it possible to break your message down into sections? As you plan, use bullet points and stick to a few subheadings. This will help your audience remember what you say more easily and refer to it later.

3. Structure your video. For a video to engage interest and keep viewers watching you need some sort of emotional hook right at the beginning. Don’t launch in with lots of factual information about you or your business or people will switch off. Viewers need a reason to watch. They need to be interested on an emotional level. There are lots of ways to achieve this, for example, through humour, intrigue, tug at the heart strings, or even shock! A good way to get viewers interested is to describe a problem that viewers may be experiencing.

Once you have the viewers attention you can give them more info about how you can help but keep the info bit interesting, relevant and brief.

At the end you need another emotional trigger to spur the viewer into action – to respond to your video in some way, whether leaving a comment, finding out more information or making a booking. Again, give viewers an incentive to respond.

Once you have an audience in mind, a clear message and a structure you’re ready to write your script. Just to let you know, one A4 page of type, double line spaced works out at about a minute.

4. Review your plan and hone it. Run it by your colleagues or other people who understand your business and your target audience. There are lots of copywriters about who can cast a professional eye over it and that may be worth considering. It’s worth spending time on getting the script just right so that you get a good response to the video.

The next stage is to deliver your script. Nervous? Click here for some tips on how to present yourself on camera.

In the mean time, get creative and let me know how you get on by leaving comments in the box below. If you need help with videos do get in touch.

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