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When an Interview Gets Really Interesting

The interview process is the bit I love most when making videos. Discovering the personality of a business and capturing it on screen is my goal and to that end I get to ask lots of nosey questions. Once the cameras are set up we forget they’re there. I settle down with the business owner and have a heart to heart. 

Our conversation covers all the main points and in the edit I choose the most compelling snippets. Not only does this approach make the experience easier and the resulting piece to camera more natural, but we get to the heart of what the business is all about. The general questions are important because they set the scene. And then we get to the good stuff.

It’s fascinating that as soon as I ask the question, “What motivates you?” Or “What got you into this work?” The atmosphere changes. More often than not, their voice softens, their face relaxes and it even becomes more fluent with less “um”s and “er”s. That’s because it’s personal and there’s a story to tell. We’ve got to the golden nugget and in the end that is what’s going to make the audience respond. There needs to be a bit of emotion and something people can resonate with.

This happened when I interviewed Dave Sully about his work running sports sessions for people with mental health issues. When he starts talking about his own experiences and his reason for doing what he does, there’s a depth. There’s an opening for the audience to put themselves in his shoes and connect on a deeper level. We get it and we respond. Click here to see the video.

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